First Trade Executed on trueEX's Portfolio Terminations and Compactions (PTC) Platform
New York, December 11, 2013 - trueEX

trueEX, the first CFTC‐regulated electronic exchange for interest rate swaps (IRS), today announced that it has executed its first PTC trades with AllianceBernstein, JP Morgan, MKP Capital and Societe Generale.

Portfolio Terminations and Compactions (PTC) is an automated trueEX platform providing much needed operational and connectivity benefits to clients who have a need to terminate, compact, back‐load and allocate cleared swaps with direct and live connectivity to both CME and LCH.

PTC was designed with significant input from asset managers, hedge funds, banks and Clearing Firms to help the interest rate swap community cope with the operational burdens of executing cleared terminations and compactions.

"Asset managers such as AllianceBernstein need automated platforms like trueEX with direct connectivity to Clearing Firms (FCMs), Swap Data Repositories (SDRs) and Clearinghouses (CCPs) to help execute cleared terminations. The current process is manual, prone to operational risk and can take hours ‐ all of this is reduced to minutes with direct CCP connectivity with full Straight Through Processing (STP) benefits being provided to the buy side,” said Matthew Scott at AllianceBernstein.

trueEX is committed to providing our clients the most efficient execution, processing and automated solutions as they adapt to the Dodd‐Frank regulatory environment. trueEX will continue to provide the most innovative solutions to the IRS market.

Hedge Fund and Asset Managers have a need to leverage the economies of scale provided by trueEX's PTC platform that can help terminate and compact cleared trades. trueEX's unique ID protocols further help the industry by ensuring that FCMs and CCPs can appropriately clear and margin portfolios.

"SG has been an early adopter of innovative technology solutions like trueEX that help the IRS market create economies of scale for all market participants. SG is committed to helping build liquidity and scale for new entrants to create a competitive marketplace," said Alan Mittleman, Global Head of USD Rate Trading at Societe Generale.

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